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Who Are We, And What Do We Do?

Please take a few moments of your time to discover who we are and what we do for the people of our community and the surrounding communities here at The Cottage in Richmond Hill!

Population Served: Victims of trauma and crime and their family members.

Examples: Physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse/assault, trafficking, strangulation, domestic/intimate partner/family violence, dating violence, bullying.

Services Available:

1. Crisis Intervention

2. Victim Advocacy

3. Trauma Assessment

4. Mental Health Referral Services

5. Initial and follow-up medical care and/or forensic evidence collection for child and adolescent victims (birth through age 17) of physical and sexual abuse (including child and adolescent trafficking victims) or neglect.

6. Initial medical care with evidence collection for adult victims of acute sexual assault. "Acute sexual assault" includes those who were sexually assaulted within the last 10 days and evidence collection is still possible.

7. Assistance with filing for benefits under the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program.

8. Case Management

9. Other Referral Services

Prevention: Our organization leads and participates in abuse prevention programs and initiatives.

Community Education and Outreach: Our staff provides community education and outreach initiatives to educate professionals, community partners, government organizations, and other organizations. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a presentation!

Please share this post to help us reach as many people in need of our services as we possibly can!


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