Couple One: 2019 DWTSBC

Douglas Paul & Polina Washington

Douglas Paul Washington II

Douglas was born in Germany. He has always had an affinity for sports and fitness. Douglas is a personal trainer and has played professional football in Germany. He began dancing in 2011, taking lessons from Bill Ezzedine. In 2012, while living in California, he joined a dance team, Paso De Oro, and competed all over Southern California. He realized that his best dance partner is his wife, Polina, and no dances without her are ever good enough. 


Douglas is a recruiter for Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs. He is a frequent guest speaker at high school programs in the Southeast United States. 


Douglas graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University out of Daytona Florida. In his free time, he loves road cycling and introducing his daughter, Ludmilla, to athletic activities. 

Polina Washington

Polina began her social dancing career in November 2011, when she met Douglas at a dance spot in Oceanside, CA. Since then, they have become life-long dance partners, capable of grooving to any tune, but preferring the Latin beats of Salsa and Bachata. Polina has attended Salsa and Bachata festivals in California and Florida. You can catch her, with her partner, burning up the dance floor of various social soirées on the East Coast. 


Polina thanks her Russian background and parents for enriching her life by moving to the United States, the land of opportunity. This has made her open to new cultural experiences, and in part, led her to discovering, and falling in love with, the world of Latin dancing. 


Polina is a graduate of the University of Richmond, School of Law. Currently, Polina works in Financial Management. She was previously the Community Ambassador for Yelp in Savannah. She and Douglas have a two-year old daughter, Ludmilla. 

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