About The Cottage

Utilizing a community-based, collaborative, multidisciplinary response to trauma and violence, The Cottage is dedicated to promoting healing and improving the well-being of our clients and patients through the provision of high-quality, evidence-based, specialized medical-forensic care based on a patient-centered, trauma-informed model of care.

Our Mission

To facilitate healing utilizing a community-based, trauma-informed, patient-centered approach to trauma and violence.


Our Vision

To become an indispensable community asset, improving lives and health outcomes through the provision of high-quality, evidence-based, trauma-informed, specialized medical-forensic care, support services, education, partnerships, and programs.


Richmond Hill, Georgia

Phone: (912) 445-2517

Email: admin@thecottagerh.org

© 2018 The Cottage at Serenity Hill, Inc. & Ingram-Jones & Associates, LLC

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